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Innovate Rwanda Platform

Innovate Rwanda Platform

Project: Innovate Rwanda 

Year: 2020

Stakeholders: Rwanda Kigali Innovation City (KIC), Rwanda ICT Chamber, GIZ Rwanda, The Digital Transformation Center Kigali, Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), and JICA ICT Innovation Ecosystem Strengthening Project.

Description:  The innovate Rwanda is a web-based platform where companies in Tech sector in Rwanda sign up and work together on different projects in the country. It contains, blogs, job boards, project appraisals, success stories etc. Innovate Rwanda is the bridge of Rwandan tech startups to the outside world.

Beneficiaries: Rwanda Kigali Innovation City (KIC), Tech Startups and regulators, the innovation ecosystem enablers and innovation hubs in Rwanda with development partners and regulators.

Purpose: This platform brings together Development Partners, Government Agencies, Regulators, Investors, Innovation Hubs, Tech Startups and Ecosystem enablers in Rwanda as a form of matchmaking to democratize capital, investment, market share and to map out the innovation Ecosystem in Rwanda.

Functionality: The platform is built to provide a directory of companies, inter-account communication, recommendation, a job board, a blog section for success stories and many more functions that promote collaboration.