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RBC Web Portal

RBC Web Portal

Project: RBC Web portal

Year: 2021

Stakeholders: Ministry of health & Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), and GIZ Rwanda

Description: The RBC web portal is used by the 15 RBC Divisions to disseminate information to the public. These 13 divisions are: the HIV/AIDS and STIs Diseases Division, the Malaria and Other Parasitic Diseases Division, the Maternal Child and Community Health Division, The Medical Research Centre Division, The Mental Health Division, the National Reference Laboratory, the National Centre for Blood Transfusion, The Non-Communicable Diseases Division, The Tuberculosis and Other Respiratory Diseases Division,  The Epidemic Surveillance and Response Division (ESR), The Rwanda Health Communication Center (RHCC), Research, Innovation and Data Science Division and Corporate Services Division.

Beneficiaries: Rwandan citizens looking for health information, RBC, the ministry of health and partners.

Purpose: This is now currently going to be the one stop shop for information on implementation of the Rwandan health apparatus.

Functionality: The site contains several functions; Passenger locator forms, RBC covid-19 results access, Arc GIS of all health centers in Rwanda, Analytics of health info, RBC CRM integration for the command center, information from all 13 divisions in Kinyarwanda and English languages.