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UI/UX Design

Bad UI/UX design cost

Bad designs can cost you money such as lost sales, poor reviews, and less recommendations, reputation of your company or brand, wasted time, and effort or energy and security for your system.

Web design

We design a user-friendly web with a small learning curve for users with less experience. We work on the appearance, layout and content in order to provide users with an interactive design that is easy to use, and enjoyable.

What Tech Click offers

We craft UI/UX design that is easy to use and provides delightful and enjoyable experience to the users of your product. A design that provides engaging user experiences (UI) and deliver tangible business results.

Mobile app design

We design mobile apps compatible with different screen sizes letting the users complete tasks in as much less time as possible. The interaction process is our main focus for delivering an interactive design.

Our design approach

In UX/UX design, we design, prototype and evaluate until we find the best and working prototype that is easy to use and ready to be delivered. The evaluation process is done with clients for every stage of the design.


Known as medium-fidelity prototypes, are schematics with basic details and layout, minimal color for your web or mobile application. They demonstrate refined designs with details that a client can evaluate.


Full interactive design that looks like the final product showing how it would look in the real world. It specifies details and try to show all the visual and typographic details that will be in the final product.

Design handoff

The design material of the web or mobile application used by the development team to implement the application. The design and development teams work hand in hand in order to deliver a fully functional application to the client.